Nightshade -- named by its first captain, Nevil Clavain -- was a carbon-black, Conjoiner-built lighthugger constructed in the Epsilon Eridani system as a prototype for several advanced technologies. Small compared to standard lighthuggers, or those built later using its now-proven technologies, it was none-the-less capable of making interstellar journeys.

Nightshade was equipped with a Stealth Conjoiner Drive which reduced tau-neutrino emissions by two orders of magnitude and was deemed acceptable, if not exactly perfectly quiet. It was also the test-bed for grub-inspired inertia-suppression machinery.

Ironically, it was Clavain who later destroyed the ship he had named, after chasing it and its new captain, Skade, into interstellar space. Pin-head munitions filled with microscopic amounts of magnetically contained antimatter caused secondary explosions which obliterated the vessel before it reached its target of Delta Pavonis.

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