The Weevil-class War Robot was a technology that, by 2427, had been banned under seven-to-eight conventions of war and had not been used in one-hundred and twenty years. Possessing two binocular sensor packages that approximated the appearance of insect eyes, they -- unlike most comparable war robots -- were designed to kill both other combat automata and humans; because of this, they carried detailed information on human anatomy. They could also perform complex repairs, capable of reconstructing a technology as complex as a manufactory, but they were incapable of self-replication.

In 2427, their design schematics were smuggled out of Panoply by Senior Prefect Gaffney, where they had been locked away, and were given to Aurora. She used the manufactories of both House Aubusson and Szlumper Oneill to produce millions of weevils and attempt a takeover of the Glitter Band.

Notes Edit

  • Despite their name and being described as having bug-like eyes, they are never actually confirmed in The Prefect as having an appearance similar to real life weevils.
  • The actual size of the weevil-class war robot is never confirmed. They are said to be surprisingly small when viewed next to a human, but for a war machine this could just mean that Gaffney believed they would tower above a human. They could be anywhere between human-sized and insect-sized.

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