The Zodiacal Light, originally the Ultra-controlled Eldritch Witch, was a lighthugger under the control of Clavain's faction up until its presumed destruction by Inhibitor machines in 2675.

After it was captured in the Yellowstone system and equipped with inertia-suppression machinery by Clavain and H, the vessel was taken to Delta Pavonis in an attempt to seize the cache weapons from the Nostalgia for Infinity and use them to fight the Inhibitors. Sustaining damage in the ensuing confrontation, the ship was given over to Remontoire's command while Clavain and the Infinity fled the Inhibitor-infested system with the weapons.

Hiding near the Hades Matrix to effect repairs, the Zodiacal Light managed to acquire Aura, and was upgraded with much advanced technology on its trip to the planet Ararat. Remonstoire transferred this technical knowledge to the Infinity and attempted to delay the Inhibitors so she could escape the p Eridani A system. He and the Zodiacal Light were presumed destroyed.